First Priority Roles

Student Leaders

A Christian who volunteers to lead a Club on their campus. The student leaders are not only what makes these Clubs legal, but what makes these Clubs as effective as they are.

Teacher Sponsor

Each Club requires a teacher to “sponsor” the Club. This means that they are willing to open their classroom for the Club to meet in and are present for supervision.

Campus Mentor

Campus mentors are youth pastors and ministry volunteers who function as the connection point between the local church and the campus, and then back to the church. They intentionally guide and encourage student leaders to implement the EPIC club strategy. Mentors are also instrumental in helping new believing students connect to a local Church for baptism and discipleship.

Partner with Us

First Priority is in need of prayer support and volunteers who are willing to join us in connecting Campus, Church, Christ in our local schools.

An application is required for a parent or guardian to volunteer at the schools.  Please follow the links below to locate the appropriate Volunteer Form.


Interested in Volunteering?

The following is a sports approach to making our needs known.

Church Leaders: Coaches on the Sideline

These are the youth ministers and pastors who are training and equipping the students in the game, a.k.a. the First Priority club.

Coaches do two things:
1. They help schedule “games” (a.k.a. First Priority club in school). This includes building relationships with school administration, finding a teacher sponsor, setting club time and location, submitting the club charter/constitution, and more.
2. They hold practices (leadership meetings) to help students be prepared for the month ahead. We often call them Captain’s Team meetings and they are held monthly between Engage Week of the previous month and Help Week of the next.

Parents: Fans in the Stands

These are adults who are watching and cheering on the game.

Up front, these parents are dedicated to praying and supporting the students as they work to minister to their school. Behind the scenes, these parents are waking their son/daughter up early for practice, rearranging schedules, encouraging when the “game” does not go well, and running the “booster club”. Putting fans in the stands is really an easy task when students are passionate about playing in the game.

Educators: The Referees in the Game

These are the faculty volunteers that open their room and the doors of the school for the club to hold their meetings.

At the school, they are the people who help the players stay in line with the rules of the local district and state. At the monthly leadership meeting, they are the ones guiding and showing wisdom to navigate the school as only someone on the “inside” can do. They do not participate in the game even though they are right in the middle of it.

Business and Community Leaders: Owners

The business community is so important to the First Priority strategy.

Like a professional team, coaches and players come and go, but the team lives on. Without business leaders involved in the FP strategy, the longevity of the ministry will diminish when students graduate or staff in our local churches move on. The business community has a vested interest in their community and will be the ones that will be there through this entire generation. All the cities that have a successful First Priority team have a board of committed business leaders.