What Does First Priority Look Like for Students?

EPIC is a four-week strategy that repeats every month. Each week has a specific focus that will equip your team to lead a large or small group of peers in your school.

The four weeks are designed to be rhythms to accomplish the mission of taking the hope of Christ to every student each month.
EQUIP:  The focus of this week is on being equipped to see the mission of Jesus and how you can be a leader who follows his example.
PREPARE:  The focus of this week is on being prepared to listen to the story of others and sharing your own story.
INVITE:  The focus of this week is on inviting students to experience the Good News of Jesus.

CONNECT:  The focus of this week is on connecting students into a faith community.

Everyone is looking for a purpose. Something that will give meaning to our lives. EPIC Purpose is all about Jesus’ mission to bring love, hope, and Good News to the world. We are invited to join his mission and help others find their purpose through the Gospel of Jesus.

Who Benefits from First Priority

The Local Church

  • Helping churches organize, equip and mobilize students to reach students with the gospel.
  • Giving churches specific, manageable opportunities to serve middle and high schools in their community.

The Local Schools

  • Providing a network of support to the school from local churches.

The Kingdom Of God

  • When students’ lives are changed by the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Why First Priority?

  • Because being lost without Christ means a loss of hope. Only a declining 12% of students in the US attend church weekly. Culture statistics indicate that suicide, sexual confusion, and abortion are on the incline.
  • Because without intentional campus evangelism training and implementation, students who don’t attend church may never hear the gospel.
  • Because no one church can reach and disciple every middle and high school student in their community, but when untied, THE Church can.
  • According to the Billy Graham Association, 85% of all who come to know Christ do so before they graduate high school, thereby making our middle and high schools the greatest mission field in America.

Our Distinctives

Local Church strategy
Student-led and initiated at school
Networks of support
Long-term plan and structure
Community-based and locally owned