We are about connecting the church to reach the campus for Christ.

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First Priority local club meetings, upcoming fundraisers, and events in the area.



Providing students the opportunity to be influenced by the preaching of the Gospel.

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In March of 2020, as schools began to shut down, our students quickly adapted to these changes and many clubs continued meeting with their peers, teachers and leaders. This happened virtually through Facebook, Zoom, and other creative outlets that students came up with. As we look forward to the fall, we hope for students to meet as they have traditionally met before COVID-19. Yet, we are prepared for hybrid options so that students may continue to unite the Church on (or off) the campus for Christ. Join us in praying for our students.

What is First Priority?

First Priority is a strategy to connect the CHURCH to reach the CAMPUS for CHRIST.  It is intended to change the spiritual climate of the school and the world through students.

Our Vision:
The hope of Christ in every student.

Our Mission:
To unite the local body of Christ with a plan of action to influence the school with the gospel.

First Priority of the Lakeshore exists to educate, train, and provide resources for Christian students to legally form clubs and share the gospel with unbelieving students on the public school campus.

We believe that transformation is possible.  We have a strategy to bring HOPE to your school and community.

The HOPE of Christ in Every Student

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How Can You Help?

First Priority of the Lakeshore is in need of prayer support and volunteers who are willing to join us in connecting Campus, Church, Christ in our local schools.

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