Our Team

Sandy Mast, First Priority

Sandy Mast, First Priority Coordinator

Sandy has been a long-time active youth minister in the tri-cities community and has been involved with First Priority over the years.  She holds a degree in early childhood education and worked for Head Start as a teacher and volunteer coordinator for 10 years before being called into High School ministry.  She has been on staff at Covenant Life Church in Grand Haven since 1995, with a five-year break from that position to work with Young Life.  Sandy continues to work for Covenant Life as their Senior High Youth Director and will continue in that role.

Sandy, and her husband Jeff believe that being involved in ministry has been their biggest calling in life outside of raising their three children.  She brings high energy to First Priority and is a take-charge servant for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Her love for the Lord and all his children drives her to lead First Priority into the future and bring the Hope of Christ to every student.

MaKenzie Strazanac, First Priority Assistant Coordinator

MaKenzie is a Grand Haven native who recently graduated from Central Michigan University with her degree in Music and a minor in Psychology. MaKenzie has been involved in her church’s youth groups for many years. Participating as a student, being a small group leader, or even coordinating youth group nights, MaKenzie always found a way to stay active in her church.

MaKenzie is a huge advocate for mental health and has found that faith is the most vital foundation to improving mental health. The story of her battle with mental illness, how her faith saved her, and her passion for helping others are what called her to work with First Priority. Understanding what some of our students are struggling with makes her a powerful resource for us as she can reach the youth on a level that most cannot. She creates strong and personal connections, shares her faith in a relatable way, and calls others to the Lord no matter what they may be going through.

Board of Directors:

John Koscielniak, President

Bob Hendrick, Director

Kay Bytwerk, Director

Elizabeth Butler, Director

Bob Holt, Director

First Priority has made me dive into my faith more than just youth group on Sunday’s. I have loved meeting with my group during the week!  It has made me more aware of other’s who share my faith, and has made me more open to share my faith with my peers! I never realized how many people in my school shared the same passion for faith as I do!”

Sara, Student

“I host First Priority because I want kids to be able to live out their faith in all aspects of their lives, including at school. I also want to create a safe place for kids to ask questions and learn. Many of the students that come are already professing Christians. First Priority gives them a safe place to talk about their faith, grow in their faith, and feel empowered to go tell others about Christ.”

Faculty, Volunteer

“First Priority has provided an opportunity for me to invest in students in the community beyond our church walls. Each week I get to help & see students who love Christ share their faith with their friends and peers.”

Adam Aldridge, Youth Pastor 2nd Reformed